The Seasons (and misc. pieces)

(All are © David Ocker.)

The Seasons

(One short musical event for each day separated by long silences. These works are intended to be played simultaneously and with other music.)

Winter 2011   (3470 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Spring 2012   (4746 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Summer 2012   (4397 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Autumn 2012   (4091 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Winter 2012   (4121 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Spring 2013   (4316 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Summer 2013   (4229 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Autumn 2013   (3974 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Winter 2013   (4405 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Spring 2014  (4357 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Summer 2014   (? sec.)  COMING SOMEDAY!  [listen]    [read]

Autumn 2014   (4402 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Winter 2014   (4232 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

The Seasons - Short Versions

Mantra (Spring 2013, short version)   (955 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Caprice (Summer 2013, short version)   (884 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Nocturne (Autumn 2013, short version)   (846 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Allegro (Winter 2013, short version)   (804 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Minuet (Spring 2014, short version)   (833 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Finale (Summer 2014, short version) (? sec.) COMING SOMEDAY!  [listen]    [read]

Down Time (Autumn 2014, short version)   (990 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Life Time (Winter 2014, short version)   (814 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Miscellaneous Pieces

Jingle Bells, The Long Version   (1409 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Jingle Bells, The Long Version (short version)   (212 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Starbucks Music Mask   (600 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

David's Divot (long version)   (398 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

David's Divot (short version)   (51 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Wagner's Entire Ring Cycle   (420 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

Wagner's Entire Ring Cycle   (1 sec.)   [listen]    [read]

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